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Most people have at least one occasion throughout life where it is necessary for them have the signing of a legal document or important paperwork witnessed by an authorized official, generally by visiting a courthouse, post office or bank. An individual who is given permission by the state government to act as a neutral witness for such signings is known as a Notary Public.

Sometimes it can be more beneficial to enlist the services of a mobile Notary Public, especially for busy companies or individuals that have difficulty reaching the correct office, or are dealing with sensitive issues such as will preparation or issue relating to divorce. A mobile notary will meet clients in their own homes or chosen venue so they can complete the signing process in privacy at their own convenience, without having to travel or wait in queues.notary stamp

Using a mobile Notary Public can be an ideal choice for;

Real estate transactions – As transactions can take place in various locations, most real estate agents employ the regular use of a mobile notary to assist with the close of property sales.

Quick document notarization – If a document requires immediate attention a mobile notary can be on hand a short notice.
Mortgage and lending documents – As financial transactions are generally time sensitive most transaction require fast and reliable notarization services.
People who are unable to travel.

Individuals that are confined to prison or hospital, or who have difficulty travelling can find the services a mobile notary can offer extremely valuable.

Finding A Mobile Notary Public

Looking online is usually the most helpful way to find mobile notary services, by simply typing ‘Mobile Public Notary’ followed by your local area into your search engine will usually provide plenty of results for you to browse through. When considering which notary service to use it may be worth checking out any review sites or customer testimonials that are available.
Alternatively, check out local directory, newspapers or ask you legal adviser if they can recommend anyone to you.

You can also find about notary services at wikipedia.

In order to notarize various documents it is possible to use record books, notary stamps, embossing seals and handbooks. Every time a notary is used it validates a legal document, meaning it has been officially approved, therefore it is important to keep them in a secure place that only limited authorized people can access.vancouver notary publics

What Are Notary Public Stamps?

This stamps are a small stamp put on to documents that will contain the details of, the full, legal name of the notary, the title, the number and expiration date of the commission,

Notaries use a rubber stamp seal on paper documents as they provide an official sign, some also like to use and impression type seal alongside the rubber stamp although this in not mandatory.

What If A Seal Gets Lost Or Stolen?

If a vancouver notary public‘s seal becomes lost or gets stolen they are required to contact the Department of State or the Governor’s Office immediately and inform them. Anybody in possession of an official stamp that they are not authorized to own are liable for punishment under criminal law.

Does the Authorized Commission Provide New Notaries with Stamps?

It is the responsibility of the notaries to provide their own stamps. When approved a notary is given a certificate from the commission that can be used as proof when purchasing the stamp. a rubber stamp seller will create and provide the requested stamp when presented with the certificate.

Where Can You Find A Rubber Stamp Company?

The commission may have details of reputable companies you could try, alternatively look in a local directory or online for stationary supplies and seals. Remember you are unable to place an order for a stamp until you have received the certificate, as this is required by law.

This information is relevant to both mobile notaries and notaries based in the bureau or office.